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Founded in 1977 to account for the environmental impacts of building design, construction, and operations, The Weidt Group offers analysis, consulting and software tools that improve decision-making from pre-design, through product selection and post-occupancy. Clients and users of our software, analyses and data stores include utility companies, manufacturers, architects and engineers, evaluators and policy makers. The Weidt Group addresses comparative analyses from the introduction of new energy conservation measures in new construction and existing buildings to the evaluation of actual performance by individual technologies, individual buildings, and whole populations of buildings.

Deep analysis over several decades is the foundation for our work in energy policy, program design, program delivery, project delivery, and software tools. Early on, we went deep to become good at understanding the complexities underlying how energy technologies and buildings actually perform. To influence outcomes, we also learned how design teams, owners, utility companies, users and operators of buildings made their decisions. Bringing them value has always meant finding new ways to go faster and summarize well. Weidt consulting—and now our software—accelerates multiple analyses, extends the functionality of existing energy simulation software, and integrates, stores, and presents data in the Cloud.

Anticipating energy performance with analytical data has steadily gained favor as a Best Practice even as the standards for comparison have evolved beyond basic energy efficiency performance into credits, certifications, and ratings. The Weidt Group has evolved as well to address these multiplicities with greater speed and accuracy. New tools for new times.

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Energy Tools and Services

The Weidt Group, as an energy company, works with four utilities and has consulted on over 1,200 new construction projects. We consult internationally, with government agencies, utilities, architects, engineers, and building owners to achieve documented high-performance buildings. We provide Energy Design Assistance (EDA) and Measurement & Verification (M&V) services for Commercial New Construction (CNC) and existing buildings through utility Demand Side Management (DSM) programs. This includes complete program design and implementation including web-based real-time program tracking. Weidt tools and services extend into benchmarking, rating, and labeling services for improving the ongoing performance of existing buildings. To date we have over 7,600 facilities in our existing buildings database.

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Software Tools and Services

The Weidt Group, as a software company, has over 27 million external users of its software products, which are primarily product configurators, system monitors, financial evaluators, and e-commerce sites. Our clients are mostly manufacturers in the architectural, mechanical and electrical industries. Expertise in object-oriented product modeling is the core of our success in creating intuitive applications on top of sophisticated virtual product models. Though the virtual products themselves have complex, real-world behaviors, their sophistication is hidden from the users until they have a need to know. Weidt object models for technologies and buildings are uniquely flexible in their fidelity and are portable across software applications. Like all good models, our object models, in the right applications, reveal unanticipated potentials.

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About Us

Founded in 1977, The Weidt Group was established to account for and manage the environmental impacts of building design and construction. By 1985, The Weidt Group began to emerge as a pioneering software design firm creating tools for architects, engineers and manufacturers. Today The Weidt Group is a market leader in object-oriented software—creating virtual products to model and manage complexities of the real world. Our software designs, energy consulting, analytical and verification methods follow a common philosophy that aligns with achieving better outcomes for every collaborator. Many of our clients have collaborated with us for more than a decade. The Weidt Group looks at the stability of these relationships as a positive reflection on our core values and the quality of our work.

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